I'll update my playlist when I'm not on mobile, and I don't know why I made this (I'm not a popular blog) but hey, worth a try. Hopefully I'll get to my goal of 500 followers though that's a long way to go. To my lovely followers, thank you for following this crappy but nice-looking blog,I love you!


women have been raped and killed thanks specifically to 50 shades of grey. fuck that piece of shit book and don’t let ANYONE you know read it

kris ➝ for wufanqin

„i like it more and more; i’m happy because i am me.”

The more swiss cheese you have, the more holes you have.

The more holes you have, the less swiss cheese you have.

Therefore, the more swiss cheese you have, the less swiss cheese you have.


water's #1 fan

Must hide armpit at all cost

110/ ambro gifs- being friends with GOT7’s foreign line

ugh jr. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Mark fell on stage while doing his flip but still tried to smile later + Jinyoung running over immediately to help but Mark’s knees hurt so he couldn’t stand up.


jackson teaching jb korean (??)

singing each other’s songs.

I want to personally congratulate Jackson for mastering the art of covering his armpit when he’s raising an arm.

the eldest and the maknae • mark and yugyeom


The big Three's 2014 rookies (so far)
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